The best way to deal with crappy reviews is to avoid getting one.

Let’s talk about the not-so-big elephant in the room, that has been slowly pissing you off, by talking crap about your business to other animals: online reviews

The concept is pretty simple: a portal in where users review with stars or points a local business and sometimes leave a review. If the business has a profile on that portal, then the business can respond to it.

This online trend has been going on for over a decade, and it is still in, and growing. Nowadays, this online review sites have gotten more complex and some even have apps, reward system for their users and even offer delivery for restauranteurs. All of this new “goodies” for the reviewers has made them a little harder to ignore.

If your business get a crappy review with a low score, respond to it.

Online reviews about your business is something you should keep an eye on but not go crazy about it, unless you suck at it (if you do, call me).

Now, an anecdote!

Client had a bad experience at your restaurant. He leaves the business pissed and starts writing online reviews EVERYWHERE, creates accounts on different platforms just to let other people know how sucky his experience was at your place. You see the review and answer to it quickly, explaining that what he thinks it was a fly on his soup, really was a slightly bigger piece of parsley. The client now feels stupid and removes the comments of all the platforms and your rating goes up again. That’s the bets case scenario.

Worst case scenario? you never saw the review 4 years later and the client doesn’t even remember it. Crappy review stays there, FOREVER. The best thing you can do is to bury it under great reviews, ORIGINAL great, 4 o r5 star reviews, from real customers.

You might have two questions:

  1. How to get reviews?
  2. and, how did he confuse that parsley with a fly?

well, 1- You must educate your staff and train them on different ways they can spot a happy client and ask nicely for a review.

and 2- He was kind of blind on a date (not a blind date) and didn’t want to let his partner see him with glasses. True story!


8 months ago