Your business’ success is not others failure.

I was about to start this post with the typical “there are about 7.5 billion people in the planet..enough business for everyone, blah blah..” then I gave myself a mental slap. Probably not even one tenth of that amount of people know your brand, not know what you do for a living. What do I say, not even one hundredth! you are tiny, and no one knows you. ok, freak for a bit… now calm down and keep on reading.

Business has its ups and downs, that is a fact. when business is thriving we focus more on keeping the clientele happy and supplying their demand. Now, when everything is going south, businesses try different things to bring people in, subscribers, traffic, you name it. Sometimes, people use shitty techniques that were proven crappy before but for some reason are still popular. Harm their competitors instead of promoting their own goods or products. This not only makes you feel crappy at church and will probably make you go to hell, but damages business in general. Instead of focusing on negative marketing, try and think local: other stores might be going through the same. A good idea would be to team up with them and work together towards the same goal: business. This is an old post, but still one of the best examples of brand collaborations.

Hopefully, you got something out of this. Before wasting valuable time and energy on something bad, try teaming up and work together to succeed. You have so much more to gain.

7 months ago